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A new breed of credit card

Jaja Finance

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A new breed of credit card

JAJA was Founded by three Norwegian entrepreneurs and financial services professionals who believe in the power of simplicity. In 2017 they were on a mission to simplify the world of credit, forever. They started by re-imagining the credit card for a digital-first audience.

Working in partnership with JAJA and a small team of collaborators we developed a new brand identity, brand strategy, product UI and credit card design. In addition we built an identity framework that allowed the JAJA Product Design Team to implement the brand across all digital applications and platforms.

‘JAJA’ is a Scandinavian word that translates to ‘yes’ in English — Internationally, it’s a positive expression of emotion.  We’ve developed an identity which took inspiration from the founders Norwegian heritage and embodied simplicity. JAJA believe in a world where technology, brilliant design and customer experience can make life simple and liberate people from needless complexity, wasted time and frustration. Our strategy was to create a brand that felt distinctive, memorable and made people happy it existed.

As part of the brand proposition, we made JAJA a verb — Instead of complicated, we make simple.  To ‘JAJA’ is to ‘simplify’.



We’re really pleased with how you captured our vision and translated it into the Scandinavian brand identity we sought. Since our launch we’ve had a total of £4,956,773 invested. We smashed our initial target of £3,000,000 within days and finished in overfunding at 165% of this original goal. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the enthusiasm we’ve received from over 1,000 investors and new JAJA fans.