Elliot Brown


Elliot Brown

  • Branding
  • CGI
  • Product Design
  • Packaging


British lifestyle and adventure brand Elliot Brown was founded by long term friends Ian Elliot and Alex Brown. With an engineering background and a love of the outdoors, the duo set out to create a brand without compromise and the toughest watches on the market. Mega was selected to help Elliot Brown design their now iconic time pieces — The Canford (the blueprint for the hugely successful Tyneham Automatic) and Bloxworth. Further design included the brand identity, initial product range, packaging, point of sale, marketing materials and website.

Creative Direction: Mega
CGI: Rich Hallsworth
Sound Design: Jonny Garner

We wanted to create an identity that worked across every imaginable touchpoint — but most importantly the watch face. Our approach was to create a logo synonymous with quality, endurance and style, even at 3mm high. The Elliot Brown shield is a carefully crafted ‘EB’ monogram that is the embodiment of an Elliot Brown watch. A small piece of personal armour strapped to the wrist, built to the highest standards and capable of withstanding the most arduous environments — much like a shield.

Following its launch in 2013, Elliot Brown has gone on to become one of the standout brands in its sector, enjoying global success and customer loyalty. Since their inception Elliot Brown have picked up numerous awards and accolades for the Canford and Bloxworth timepieces.


WatchPro, 2015